Heartbreaking scenes of Japanese-Americans assembling for internment camps in 1942



A child looks at a soldier as he assembles for evacuation with his family.

Image: Library of Congress

Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the entry of the United States into World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which granted the Secretary of War the power to designate certain areas of the country as military zones – and the discretion to remove people from those zones as he saw fit.

Soon virtually anywhere within 100 miles of the West Coast was subject to exclusion. Curfews and asset freezes were imposed on Japanese-Americans, and by May 1942, all people of Japanese ancestry (citizen and non-citizen alike) were being ordered to report to assembly centers for “evacuation” to “relocation centers” – that is, forcible incarceration in concentration camps. Read more…

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3 Modern Makeover Ideas You Can Do Together With Drywall Services


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As a homeowner, it pays be knowledgeable about the recommended materials in home construction or remodelling and the trends. You could, for instance, find out the advantages of replacing your existing plaster walls with drywall, a versatile material that’s easy to install and offers fire resistance, among other benefits. You could also get plenty of inspiration when it comes to the design tweaks or total renovations you can do together with home repairs.

If you’re thinking of getting drywall services, consider these makeover ideas from a pro in Cambridge, and breathe new life into your private spaces:

1. Go for Bold, Geometric Ceilings

Drywall is versatile enough to be fastened into complex design features, such as eaves and arches. The construction material can also be used to conceal steel beams that are used in intricately shaped ceilings.

Painting Companies Weigh In: Does This Design Idea Suit Your Home?


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There are plenty of modern interior design trends that have been sweeping magazines. Some can be easily done by replacing or installing some fixtures in your home and decorating with unique accents. Others may need painting services or more extensive remodelling services. How do you determine which ones suit your home?

One design idea that became apparent in recent Azure Magazine features is making a statement with a loud, bright colour.

Award-Winning Design

It could be seen the cheerful yellow millwork that hides a staircase in a one-bedroom house in Adelaide Street, Sydney, Australia. The accessory practically served as the wall of the small home’s dining room-slash-kitchen, which was painted a muted shade of beige and decorated minimally with furniture in a white-and-steel colour palette. This residence was featured and applauded in the 2016 AZ Awards of Merit: Residential and Commercial Interiors by Azure Magazine.

Painting Services in Kitchener Advice: Ways to Get Your House Ready


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When it comes to painting a house, whether its exterior or interior, preparing it is half the battle. As a homeowner, it pays to know everything you can in order to get rooms and other places ready for the job you have contracted painting services to do.

Not the One to Prepare?

There are a number of painting companies in Kitchener that include preparation of the areas you want painted, but that doesn’t mean you need to be complacent about the preparation and let them do all the dirty work.

Doing some preparation work yourself will also help you understand what you are paying for if you have an overall idea how to go about the process. For example, you can easily recognize when a painter is doing something wrong and can correct him right away. You may even be prevent a costly mistake.

Painting Your Home Exterior by Professional Painters Has Many Benefits


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Whether you’re going for an Scandinavian, Mediterranean, nautical or vintage look for your home theme, professional painters in Cambridge can help you pick just the right shade to punch up a wall in a certain part of the house.

Increases Real Estate Value

Painting your home exterior, interior and trims is one of the most cost-effective and easiest way to increase your property value. Painting the exterior becomes important when you’re trying to increase the curb appeal of your home before putting it on the market.

Prospective buyers are more likely to be interested with a newly-painted house than one with chipping and faded paint. This is because a paint job can create an entirely new feel both for the exterior and interior space of the home.