Yellen may help pave way for higher rates on Friday

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has struck a largely cautious tone since engineering the U.S. central bank’s rate hike last December, saying she was not convinced inflation had taken firm enough hold to justify a second move and that she was worried a weak global economy put the United States at some risk.


Drywall Services: Understanding the Pros of Various Types of Drywall

Constructing or renovating a house can be quite hectic what with so many things to think about. Hiring drywall services is one element to consider once the work on your home in Cambridge moves to the interior. Hanging drywall may seem like a straightforward task, but it requires a bit of work. Some homeowners take on drywall as a DIY project, but hiring experts has its advantages. Experienced professionals, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, ON, provide varying drywall services that can give you long-lasting walls.

Conventional Drywall

Traditional drywall is a common choice for most homeowners. This drywall type is suitable for new constructions and renovations. Normal drywall supports different widths. A professional will know which sheets would be preferable for your home.

Painting Issues and the Ideal Time for Exterior Home Painting Services

The paint on the exterior of your home is what people see first when passing by or visiting your home. It, therefore, has to look excellent if you wish to leave a positive first impression. With the sun and the rest of the elements out there, you may need to hire painting services in Kitchener, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, ON, to apply a fresh coat of paint on your home every now and then. In such cases, it is best to avoid the following as they may have a negative impact on your home’s new coat of paint.