SolarCity recuses two more board members from voting on Tesla offer

(Reuters) – Two additional SolarCity Corp board members with ties to Elon Musk are recusing themselves from making decisions regarding Tesla Motors Inc’s offer to buy the solar power company, in a bid to alleviate corporate governance concerns surrounding a potential deal.


Stephen Colbert wants us all to pee in the shower


Using the toilet is so passé.

On Friday night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert cited some number-crunching from IFL Science: if every American peed in the shower once per day, it could save 185 billion gallons of fresh water per year.

Of course, this is a broad bit of mathematics. It assumes all Americans pee identically (not true), that all newborns use the toilet and that we don’t waste any shower water during those sweet, sweet 21 seconds we spend shower peeing.

A tongue-in-cheek Colbert also demanded apologies from Equinox, Home Depot, Curves and Gold’s Gym. “I’m sorry you caught me saving the planet for our grandchildren,” he said. Read more…

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Painting 101: Essential Contents of a Painting Services Contract

Contracting a painting project to professionals is always a preferable choice, especially when you can’t find enough time in a day. Painting companies in Kitchener provide various services that would be perfect when you need to get fresh paintwork for the interior or exterior of your home. Take time to find the best contractor for your domestic painting requirements. However, before signing a contract for painting services, get a good look at its contents first. There are some elements you should check out before agreeing to the contract

Areas to Paint

A contract should carefully indicate the type of paintwork that a particular painting company will be responsible for. Decide if it’s the whole house, the interiors only, the exterior or just a few rooms. Cover all the areas that will need painting from the kitchen counters to the floors to the windows.

Professional Painters Talk: Fundamentals for Painting Home Exteriors

Painting the exterior surfaces of a house requires the same techniques as painting its interior, however, the type and quality of the paint are different. The exterior of your home comes into contact with natural elements that contribute to degradation. For this reason, you must ensure that the paintwork is of the best quality; hence, the need for professional services. When you need painting services for the exteriors of your residence in the Tri-Cities, it helps to understand what the painting process involves. Exteriors call for more caution, especially with the preparations. Here are some basic details to keep in mind when hiring Kitchener painters for exterior paint works.

The Preparations

Preparation is a fundamental part of the painting process. Exterior surfaces may be covered with vegetative growth that can interfere with the quality of paint.