Professional Painters on Which Level of Gloss Is the Best Option for Your Building Exterior


When it comes to applying a fresh coat of paint on building exteriors, color shouldn’t be the only thing you give serious thought to. If you want your paint job to hold up for a long time, carefully consider the level of gloss or shine in your paint of choice, too. Gloss impacts both the appearance and serviceability of your walls. For instance, shine affects how the color will be perceived once paint is applied. Gloss tends to make colors appear brighter and more vibrant. Surfaces painted with higher gloss level paints are much more durable and resistant to moisture and stain as well.

If you want your exterior paint to be in it for the long haul, painters in Kitchener and elsewhere will usually give you three options. Each has its own merits, but the choice will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. Read more from this article:

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